Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back from beyond

Well life has been busy and blogging has taken a backseat, with crafting even further back. I have been working like a bat out of hell, raising my two children, studying and well trying to sleep in between. That's all going to change now!

Yes thats right I am reducing my workload. All for happy reasons I assure you. There is a third addition to our family taking shape under my shirt. We can expect our happy arrival in around 4 1/2 to 5 months if all goes well. After having the last 3 months rate as some of the worst in my life. Yup your right I had every symptom a poor pregnant lass could have with an inability to keep down my food leading the way. I am now on the other side feeling more energetic and ready to enjoy myself.

First on that list of enjoyment is less work and more creativity. While I will still keep my study going I am going to dramatically reduce my workload with the aim of finishing up by the end of November. So blog I'm back!

I've joined a course presented by the lovely Heather from Beauty That Moves called Wholefood Kitchen. I'm going to get my family eating healthy and conquering the world. Plus I love to cook this way. So most of my posts to come will probably involve recipes such as this yummy vegetable couscous I made for dinner last night. Now the kids and hubby ate it too! Hubby had a piece of lean steak with his though and the kids had a sausage on the side. Ughh, I know I have work to do right!

Happy living

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