Sunday, October 28, 2012

All Hallows Eve - Halloween party 2012

On Samhain eve when the veils between this world and the spirit world clear what shall you be doing? The evening sky will darken and the otherworld will come to life. Fairies will prance and dance and weave their naughty magic around us. Dear friends long since past will smile down upon us again. Candles will burn and feasts will roast and with love and tenderness we will prepare to honour our beloved.

A blessing for those that have passed
On this night of Samhain I mark your passing,
O Sun King, through the sunset into the Land of The Young.
I mark also the passing of those who have gone before,
and all who will go after. O Gracious Goddess,
Eternal Mother, You who gives birth to the fallen,
teach me to know that in the time of the greatest
darkness there is the greatest light.
(taken from Scott Cunningham's Wicca)
So as we celebrate our Halloween parties lets take a moment to remember what this beautiful holiday is about. We have all lost someone special in our lives and tonight we honour them. Light a candle in your window and let them know you are thinking of them.

May your parties be blessed with love and light.

Love you mum (r.i.p)


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back from beyond

Well life has been busy and blogging has taken a backseat, with crafting even further back. I have been working like a bat out of hell, raising my two children, studying and well trying to sleep in between. That's all going to change now!

Yes thats right I am reducing my workload. All for happy reasons I assure you. There is a third addition to our family taking shape under my shirt. We can expect our happy arrival in around 4 1/2 to 5 months if all goes well. After having the last 3 months rate as some of the worst in my life. Yup your right I had every symptom a poor pregnant lass could have with an inability to keep down my food leading the way. I am now on the other side feeling more energetic and ready to enjoy myself.

First on that list of enjoyment is less work and more creativity. While I will still keep my study going I am going to dramatically reduce my workload with the aim of finishing up by the end of November. So blog I'm back!

I've joined a course presented by the lovely Heather from Beauty That Moves called Wholefood Kitchen. I'm going to get my family eating healthy and conquering the world. Plus I love to cook this way. So most of my posts to come will probably involve recipes such as this yummy vegetable couscous I made for dinner last night. Now the kids and hubby ate it too! Hubby had a piece of lean steak with his though and the kids had a sausage on the side. Ughh, I know I have work to do right!

Happy living