Sunday, January 8, 2012

Frugal challenge

Yup I'm a few days late as per usual but hey! I am here. Now the nitty gritty of it. I am going to put myself on this challenge for a month. At the moment we spend about $300 a WEEK! on groeries , so thats just got stop. I've been tossing up on a good price range for me. A range that is challenging but still obtainable.  I think half that is a good plae to start. So thats what I am aiming for $150 dollars a week to feed a family of four and pets of 3. I have deided to leave my organic produce delivery out of this because we alone pay $4.50 per kilo just to have it flown in. But I will not eat the crap that is on the shelves here. It is old and not appetising at all. So lets get spending!..... less.

Cheap snacks for kids.
Home popped poporn!
Crackers and cheese!
Fruit! (well duh)
Carrot sticks and home made dip!
Home made muffins!

Some things to do to help the bill.
Grow your own greens and herbs! (so so easy)
Soure your local produce!
Join a food co-op!
Home make as much as you can (tastes better too)

I am sure these lists will grow as I go. Are you doing the frugal challenge? Good luck!

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