Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Environmental concerns

We all know its happening. Yes climate change. And we can all do our bit to help. I truly believe if we all work at living greener lives that together we can make a huge difference. This is not just a problem of our leaders. It is a worry for us all. What sort of world are we going to leave our children. I've done a lot of small things in my life to change my impact. Things such as growing a lot of my own fresh produce. You would be suprised at how little an area you really need to produce a decent quantity. I also have outfitted a lot of my house with energy efficient appliances, such as lights, washing machine, solar hot water. We have our own water tank and my vegies are strictly organic and fed either through compost or seaweed. But there is just sooo much further I can take it as can we all. It is a continual learning process.

If you are interested at all in learning greener ways and not to mention animal and environmental welfare. A great site to visit is

Lets make a difference my friends.

Here are a few pictures from north Western Australia.

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